What To Consider When Shopping For A Laser Cutting Machine

A laser engraver is a computer-controlled machine that uses a laser beam to cut (or actually burn away) a design into a huge range of materials. It’s become a favorite tool of artists and crafters, who love the precise and intricate patterns the machine is able to make. A laser cutter can be used to etch into glass or stone, carve thin wood into 3D designs, and even cut patterns into leather or fabric. The possibilities are endless. Anyone who is considering purchasing one of these machines should take the following points into consideration.

Size Of The Bed

It’s a good idea to have in mind the types of projects the laser cutter will be used for. The size of the bed of a hobby laser engraver limits the size of material you can work with, so a small one might not be useful for engraving an outdoor sign for a business, for example. People who work mainly with small projects, like jewelry, might consider getting more than the minimum size bed, however, since a larger bed can make it possible to cut more than one piece at a time.

Strength Of The Laser

The next point to consider is the strength of the laser beam. A laser’s power is measured in watts, and a higher wattage laser will cut faster and more accurately. However, it’s also helpful to know that a laser’s strength is not related to the depth of the cut. A 30W laser can be used with the same materials as a 50W laser or higher, but it may take more time and make more passes over an area. One hobbyist recommends investing more in the bed size than laser power at first, since a laser can be upgraded.

Customer Support

Buying from a company that offers a high level of customer support is always preferable, since laser cutters are complex machines that most hobbyists will not be able to troubleshoot or repair on their own. Make sure that it will be easy to get replacement parts when needed and make sure to get a number or email for contacting technical support. Even though imported laser engraver prices are often cheaper, customer service is almost always more reliable from a domestic company.

Artisans who are looking for the best laser engraver should also consider purchasing from a company that provides video tutorials for using the machine. There is certainly a significant learning curve at the beginning, and most people find that tutorials make it much easier for them to get started.


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